Running Of The Bulls (San Fermin Festival) – Pamplona, Spain

The Running of the Bulls is part of the Pamplona San Fermin Festival. The bulls race down the city streets into the arena every morning between July 7-14 at 8:00 a.m.

Running of the Bulls - Pamplona, SpainWhere: Pamplona, Spain

When: July, annually

Places To Stay: Pamplona Hotels

As the old saying goes – mess with the bull, you get the horns. Unless you can run.

The bulls begin their run from the corral along Calle Santo Domingo, and they run approximately 825 meters to the bullring. The Running of the Bulls usually lasts for less than five minutes. It is to be reminded that the event is considered risky for the runners.

At 6:30 p.m. spectators can watch the day’s bullfight in the arena bullring, featuring the bulls that ran in the morning.

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