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Carnival of Viareggio in Viareggio, Italy
Jazz Festival New Orleans Louisiana
Day of the Dead Mexico
Venice Carnivale Italy
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  • Seven Popular Australian Festivals

    Seven Popular Australian Festivals

    Australia has a proud reputation of being one of the most laid back, party-loving countries in the world. Offering some of the most entertaining festivals, all year round, there is sure to be something for everyone to love. Whether your idea of the perfect festival involves screaming crowds and loud music, an all-out street parade, […]

  • Regata Storica, Venice Italy

    Voga Alla Veneta & Regata Storica – Venice, Italy

    Where: Venice, Italy When: First Sunday in September, annually. September 2, 2012 Where To Stay: Venice Hotels The Regata Storica is the main event in the Voga alla Veneta, a 510 year old Venetian tradition where the city canals are filled with gondolas, that race through the city. Before the race, Venetian officials parade up […]

  • Galway Arts Festival in Galway, Ireland

    Galway Arts Festival – Galway, Ireland

    Where: Galway, Ireland When: July 16-29, 2012 Where To Stay: Galway Hotels Party time in Galway! The Galway Arts Festival kicks off on July 16 this ywar and is an action packed festival of performances, art, theater, exhibitions, dance, comedy, concerts and more. Performances take place at venues all over Galway. There will also be […]