Bo Sang Umbrella Festival – Bo Sang, Thailand

Bo Sang’s elaborately painted hand-made parasols, which are crafted from silk and mulberry paper, are on display for this three-day festival.

Umbrella Festival in Bo Sang, Chiang Mai, ThailandWhere: Bo Sang, Thailand (near Chiang Mai)

When: January, annually.

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Roughly 9 kilometers from Chiang Mai is the town of Bo Sang, which hosts the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival each year in January.

The parasols may look fragile but they are actually quite durable, and double as both sun protectors as well as umbrellas.

There are also cultural performances, the Miss Bo Sang pageant, music and local entertainment, contests, and the grand procession of parasols paraded down the streets. In addition, you can find Thai meals, and hand-painted craft booths line the streets.

Click here for more information on the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival.

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