Fete des Lumieres (Festival of Lights) – Lyon, France

The Fete des Lumieres illuminates picturesque Lyon, France, in a colorful festival of lights!

Where: Downtown Lyon, France

When: December 8-11, 2012 and annually

Places To Stay: Lyon Hotels

Festival of Lights (Fete des Lumieres) – Lyon, FranceLet there be light!

For four days, from December 8-11, Lyon is alit with bright colors, for the Fete des Lumieres. Each house places candles in their windows, and the national landmarks, including the Basilica of Fourviere, is lit in various colors. Each year, a different light show can be seen at the Places des Terreaux.

The annual event is celebrated to honor the Virgin Mary. In addition to the lights, the Old City is filled with street parades and music.

Each night during the festival, the street lights are put out, which only enhances the multi-colored lit monuments and candle filled houses.

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