Fiesta de la Transhumancia – Madrid, Spain

Fiesta de la Transhumancia, Transhumance Festival in Madrid

Photo Credit: Carlos Mora / 123RF Photo

Where: Madrid, Spain

When: End of October, annually – October 30, 2011

Places To Stay: Madrid Hotels

Holy sheep!

The Fiesta de la Transhumancia (known as the Transhumance Festival which celebrates the “Day of the Forests”) takes place in Madrid, when the sheep march through the country’s capital.

Traditionally attired shepherd gather and herd thousands of sheep through downtown Madrid in the annual migration to south for their winter grazing.

The event begins at Madrid’s City Hall and travels between Casa de Campo along Puerto del Sol to the Plaza de la Villa.

Honoring rural women and the transhumance sheep,  the festival includes horses, herding dogs, and the parade of sheep.

Click here for more information on the Fiesta de la Transhumancia.

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