Fallas de Valencia, Spain

The Fallas de Valencia Festival is unlike any other. Huge puppets, check! Bonfires, check! Fireworks, check!

When: Each year the Fallas de Valencia takes place from March 15 – March 19.

Where: Valencia, Spain.

Where To Stay: Valencia Hotels
Fallas de Valencia FestivalThe Fallas de Valencia in Spain is an eccentric 5-day long festival including parades, fireworks, pageants and hundreds of massive papier- maché puppets.

The puppets and statues are built oversized (some up to 20 feet tall) and are on display. The main display are the “Seccio Especial” in the Falla town hall. From all the puppets and statues, one winner is selected, which is saved from the burning.

On the last night of The Fallas de Valencia, the city lights are turned off and the puppets are set on fire in bonfires throughout the city, or are stuffed with fireworks and set off over the Valencia skies.

There are also audio displays, acrobatics, flowering offerings, and Paella contests are known to take place throughout Valencia’s streets.

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