Burning Man Festival, Nevada Desert

The Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert is, by far, one of the most unusual festivals in the United States!

When: the week before and including Labor Day weekend. The man burns on the Saturday night before Labor Day.

Where: Black Rock Desert in Nevada, 120 miles north of Reno, near the towns of Empire and Gerlach.

Cost: Tickets for children under 12 are free, and tickets must be purchased in advance. Click here for more info. Tickets start at $240.

Where To Stay: Most of Burning Man participants stay at the campsites on the playa and around Black Rock City. Here are camping hints, and a packing list.

Burning Man Festival, Nevada DesertJoin tens of thousands of people who gather together in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada for the Burning Man Festival. It’s a place for the eccentric, and radical self-expression, where many appreciate art, create large art installations, express themselves with music, fire dancing, and more.

Originating on a small San Francisco beach, the festival has evolved into a massive gathering in the desert heat. Festival goers need to plan ahead to attend. Water, shelter and food are a must – many guests will not be admitted at the gate if survival needs cannot be met. Since there can be extreme heat during the day, most events take place at night.

Each year the Burning Man Festival has a theme. Previous themes include fertility, Hell, time, outer space, Hope and Fear and more.

The festival is known for the burning of the giant man, which occurs on the Saturday night of the festival.

Click here for more information on the Burning Man Festival.

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