Mohácsi Busójárás – Mohács, Hungary

Mohácsi Busójárás is Hungary’s largest carnival, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors from around the world.

Mohacsi Busojaras in Mohacs, HungaryWhere: Mohacs, Hungary

When: February 16-21, 2012, February 7-12, 2013

Where To Stay: Mohacs Hotels

Held at the end of the fall carnival each year, the Mohácsi Busójárás is a welcoming of the spring and fertility.

Celebrated by the Šokci, or Croats, living in Mohacs, the Hungarian festival lasts for six days and ends the day before Ash Wednesday.

There is a parade where people wear the Busos traditional masks, and the festival includes folk music and dancing, and a giant bonfire in the center of town.

Mohacs is located in the Baranya Country of Hungary, roughly 200 km from Budapest.

Click here for more information on the Mohácsi Busójárás festival.

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