Annecy Venetian Festival – Annecy, France

The Annecy Festival gives you a taste of the Italian Venetian Carnival in the picturesque Alpines.

Where: Annecy, France

When: The end of February or beginning of March, annually

Where To Stay: Annecy Hotels

Cost: Free

Annecy Venetian Festival in Annecy FranceThe French take on the Venetian Carnival takes place for two and a half days in February each year, as participants dress up in traditional elaborate costumes and masks, and wander the streets of Annecy.

Annecy Venetian Carnival takes place two weeks after the traditional Venice Carnival.

Roughly 350 people in costume participate in the Annecy Venetian Festival, rivaling Venice in size.

Annecy is in the French region of Savoy, which borders Italy and was once part of the Italian Kingdom. Annecy is therefore, engrained in the Italian culture.  It has canals running through the city, and hosts many Italian cultural festivities including the Italian Film Festival.

The Annecy Festival is an experience not to be missed, as well as a great opportunity for photographers!

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  1. Triz says:

    but what is the reason behind this festival?