Montevideo Carnival – Montevideo, Uruguay

The Montevideo Carnival in Uruguay makes the city come to life!

Where: Montevideo, Uruguay

When: Mid January to late February, annually, with public holidays on Carnaval Monday and Shrove Tuesday

Places To Stay: Montevideo Hotels

Montevideo Carnival in Montevideo, UruguayConsidered the National Festival of Uruguay, the Montevideo Carnival takes place mainly on Carnaval Monday and Shrove Tuesday, yet the festival can last up to 40 days!

Each year as thousands of visitors pour into the city to watch the exuberant floats, carnival queens, exotic costumes and listen to the music flooding the streets. It is considered one of the world’s biggest dance parades.

Highlights of the Montevideo Carnival are the Parade of the Calls in Sur and Palermo, and the Desfile de las Llamadas parade on Avenida 18 de Julio.

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