Limassol Carnival Parade – Limassol, Cyprus

the Limassol Carnival Parade in Cyprus dates back to the ancient times when Dionysus ruled the region, and honors these ancient customs in an entertaining festival.

Limassol Carnival Parade in Limassol, CyprusWhere: Limassol, Cyprus

When: Shrove Thursday (Usually in late February/Early March)

Places To Stay: Limassol Hotels

The festivities initially begin on Shrove Thursday with the King Carnival. The Children’s Parade takes place the following Sunday.

The main event, the Limassol Carnival Parade, begins on the last Sunday of Cheese Week (the second week of the Greek Orthodox Lenten period).

The streets of Limassol come to life with elaborate floats, colorful costumes, singing, dancing, and live music. The Grand Parade of Limassol is the highlight of the Carnival, where crowds and spectators from around the world gather.

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