Yi Peng Festival – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Yi Peng Festival is Northern Thailand’s Festival of Lights.

Yi Peng Festival Yi Peng festival ThailandWhere: Chiang Mai, Thailand

When: Usually November (second month of lunar calendar on a full moon)

Where To Stay: Chiang Mai Hotels

Coinciding with the Loy Krathong Festival, Yi Peng takes place on the second month of the lunar calendar on a full moon, where paper lanterns are released and float into the sky, creating a spectacular sight.

Yi Peng celebrations take place in many places in Thailand, with the most elaborate taking place in Chiang Mai. Like the rest of Thailand’s celebration of Loy Krathong, in the Yi Peng Festival there is also the release of krathongs on the river, but the festival has become famous for the floating lanterns.

In the Yi Peng Festival, one makes a wish and then releases the khome, or lantern, into the sky with the belief that the light will carry away your troubles. Each lantern costs roughly 35 baht each.

In addition, temples, homes and gardens will also be decorated with paper lanterns that hang and glow. Click here for more information on Yi Peng lantern festival.

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  1. Eiran says:

    I would like to know what is the source for the date for the yee peng?
    is this based on loy krathong, or was it officially announced by the monks already?

  2. Bernatd says:

    Hi, I would like to know is this the festival that will be held at Tudongkasatan Lanna (Lanna Meditation Centre), Mae Jo, Chiang Mai ?