Boi Bumba Folklore Festival – Parintins, Brazil

Boi-Bumba (also known as Festa do Boi) is the Amazonian folklore festival where the myths and legends are presented in many mediums including theater, music, tribal ritual, and a giant puppet show.

Boi Bumba festival in Parintins, Brazil

Where: The Amazonian island of Parintins

When: The last weekend in June, or first weekend in July, annually

Where To Stay: Parintin Hotels

The festival lasts for three nights, when the tale of Boi Bumba is told a total of 6 times, but each time it is different due to new puppets, costumes, and dances.

There is also a competition element to the festival where a winner is chosen based on their representation of the Boi.

The winner is announced on the fourth day of the festival, which concludes with a parade throughout the town.

Click here for more information on the Boi Bumba festival.

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