Day Of The Dead – Mexico

The Day of the Dead, or All Souls’ Day occurs on November 2nd, when many believe that the souls of passed loved ones return to the land of the living to visit with their families.

Day of the Dead MexicoWhere: Throughout Mexico.

When: November 1-2, annually.

Places To Stay: Patzcuaro, Mexico

Day of the Dead is a joyous occasion. Indigenous folks believe that souls cannot die, and therefore it is a celebration of the transition of live to a different level.

The Day of the Dead is marked by candlelit vigils at cemeteries throughout Mexico, but some of the best known ones are in the Michoacan state.

It is customary to decorate altars and tombs with flowers and candles, with a photo of the deceased. The celebration includes food and alcohol which is also often places by the tombs.

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