Battle of the Oranges (Ivrea Carnival) – Italy

The Battle of the Oranges, or Ivrea Carnival, takes place each year in the Italian town of Ivrea, where thousands gather to take place in the biggest orange fight in the world.

Battle of the Oranges ItalyWhere: Northern Italian town of Ivrea

When: February, annually (the weekend before Lent)

Where To Stay: Ivrea hotels, and nearby Turin hotels

Orange you glad you joined in the Orange fight?

Participants in the Battle of the Oranges will ride in horse-drawn carriages throughout the town where oranges are thrown from the people on foot, and from the carts, until oranges cover the Town Squares.

You can volunteer to be placed on one of the teams or can be a spectator and watch the events on the sidelines.  Wearing a red hat marks you as a non-participant.

Regional food including fat bean, pork rind, cod with polenta, and boiled sausages are found throughout the town.

The Ivrea Carnival dates back to the Middle Ages when beans were thrown instead of oranges. Over time, it changed to oranges. Girls would throw an orange at a boy they had crushes on, and if the boy liked her too, he’d throw an orange back.

Click here for more information on the Ivrea Festival, or the Battle of the Oranges.

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