Surin Elephant Roundup Parade – Surin, Thailand

Surin Elephant Roundup Parade in Surin, ThailandWhere: Surin, Thailand

When: November 17-18, 2012

Where To Stay: Surin Hotels

In the town of Surin, which is approximately 480 km east of Bangkok, in northeast Thailand you’ll find the annual Surin Elephant Roundup.

Since 1960, each year the town of Surin hosts a festival in honor of elephants. The Surin Elephant Roundup begins with a parade in which over 200 elephants are on display, and there are performances that tell the history of the elephants in Thailand. The parade is accompanied by dance and music.

On the second day of the Elephant Festival, elephants are gathered at the town’s Sringong open-air stadium to perform a mock battle and displays of ancient warfare from the back of an elephant.  Surin’s residents who are skilled trainers and tamers perform tricks, and ride the elephants.

In the four-hour show there can be a match of elephant soccer, elephant tug of war, and also an elephant talent show.

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