Buffalo Racing Festival – Chonburi City, Thailand

Where: Chonburi City, Thailand

When: October or November, annually

Cost: Free

Where To Stay: Chonburi Hotels

Only in Thailand can you find jockeys racing water buffalos.

Dating back over 100 years as a tradition in Thailand, the week-long Water Buffalo Racing Festival is held during the 11th lunar month, which usually falls in October or November.

Owners decorate their buffalo and carts prior to racing. The races take place as a series of sprints including the buffalo 130 meter dash. The water buffalos are raved based on class and there are a series of races each day.

Jockeys cannot fall off, otherwise they lose, and the buffalos race until the first one crosses the finish line. Winning buffalos are ridden around town.

In addition, guests can enjoy the Miss Farmer Pageant, the buffalo fancy dress contest, and the healthy buffalo contest. Thai musicians perform pop and country music. Booth are set up to sell locally made crafts and Thai food.

There is also fair activities including Muay Thai boxing, cock fighting, pole climbing and tug of war.

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